Essential Cygwin Development Packages

Whenever I want to do a new Cygwin install on Windows, I’d have to just keep scrolling the Cygwin installer window to find the packages that I use frequently. I decided to compile a list of packages I use and put them here so that I wouldn’t have to waste time on it again in the future.

  • Devel:
    1. cmake
    2. cmake-gui
    3. gcc-core
    4. gcc-g++
    5. gdb
    6. git
    7. make
  • Libs:
    1. libboost-devel
  • Python:
    1. python3
  • Shells:
    1. chere (for shell integration)
  • X11: (Needed for cmake-gui)
    1. gnu-free-fonts
    2. xinit

Additionally, I let Cygwin’s installer to auto-install additional required packages. These packages should be sufficient for compiling C/C++ code under Windows. In order to enable shell integration for bringing up a Cygwin terminal, this command should be executed from Cygwin terminal (using administrator privileges) after installation:

chere -i -t mintty

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