April 2017 archive

Practical Kinect Stereo Calibration for the Highest Accuracy

I’ve been meaning to write up this post for a while, but I’ve been putting it off ūüôā The release of the Kinect sensor by¬†Microsoft spawned a plethora of research in¬†robotics, computer vision and many other fields. Many of these attempts involved¬†using Kinect for purposes other that what it was originally meant for! That pretty …

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Computing the Distance Between a 3D Point and a Pl√ľcker Line

In order to solve an optimization problem with the goal of reducing the distance between a bunch of 3D points and lines,¬†I was looking for the correct way of finding the distance between 3D points and a Plucker line representation. The Plucker line ¬†passing through two lines ¬†and ¬†is defined as (for more details refer …

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