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librealsense with ARM support

Recently, I was able to successfully use RealSense R200 on my NVIDIA Jetson TX1 with librealsense. I had to replace some SSSE3 instructions in the code to get it to compile under ARM. I created a fork of librealsense on Github with all the changes I made. Check it out here: ttps:// R200 works at 60 FPS …

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CMake Unable to Find AMD’s ACML Files Under Windows

One popular BLAS implementation under Windows is AMD’s ACML. CMake has some modules that can find certain required dependency libraries. As far as I know, under Windows the “FindBLAS” and “FindLapack” modules are unable to locate AMD’s ACML libraries. This is because ACML > v4.0 does not include the “mv” related packages anymore. I looked …

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ArrayFire is Now Open Source!

To my surprise, the CUDA library ArrayFire is now open source and licensed under BSD 3-Clause License which means that commercial use is permitted! ArrayFire is a production oriented library which greatly reduces CUDA application development time. The repository is hosted on GitHub and is located here.

Error: “incorrect inclusion of a cudart header file”

If you receive this error while compiling a CUDA program, it means that you have included a CUDA header file containing CUDA specific qualifiers (such as __device__)  in a *.cpp file. CUDA header files with such qualifiers should ONLY be included in *.cu files. This happened to me when I had #inlcude <common_functions.h> in my *.cpp …

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Blog Created

Seeing as how often many programmers struggle with the same issue twice, I decided to start this blog. I will try to note the problems that I encountered during my coding here so that when I, or other programmers, encounter them again the solution is already available somewhere. I will note the issues that required more …

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